Muncie Animal Rescue Fund (ARF)



Volunteers will help staff with morning cleaning between the Adoption Center (dogs) and Catty Shack (cats) as well as socializing and taking care of the animals. All volunteers must attend a one-hour training class, which will be scheduled during times provided, and wear clothes that can get dirty as well as closed-toe shoes.

Tasks include but are not limited to:
Clean out individual kennels, clean up bodily fluid messes with mop or cleaning product and dry with towel. Change bedding and replace dirty toys. Wipe walls with sanitary wipes, change out water bowls with clean ones with fresh, cold water. Pick up food bowls once dogs have finished eating meals. Wash dishes at the sink, dry, put away Wash dirty laundry, place in dryer, fold and put away, Wipe walls with sanitary wipes,  Pick up droppings in outdoor areas,  Change trash,  Scoop litter boxes, Sweep and mop the floors, Wipe walls with sanitary wipes,  Clean urine spots on walls with peppermint oil spray,  Clean restroom,  Feed wet food with permission of staff member, Clean the food and water bowls, replace with fresh food and cold water.

All volunteers must attend a one-hour class to learn our policies and sign a waiver.

Additionally, due to limited staffing, all volunteers MUST schedule volunteer hours or come during the designated volunteer times which they can learn about at the class. We do appreciate so many students wanting to volunteer here, we have a limited staff and can not always be available to train new volunteers which is why we have established regularly scheduled volunteer training sessions which can be found on our FB page (Muncie ARF).

Group/clubs are more than welcome to reach out to schedule a special volunteer training class by calling and/or emailing.

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