ecoRehab of Muncie Inc.



To advance our community through the promotion and practice of sustainable design, rehabilitation, and education.

I've attached a narrative from a recently-submitted grant proposal for additional information about our work. I'm looking for volunteers to help support the hands-on rehab portion of our work. This activity is described below further.

Like many mid-sized Midwest cities, Muncie is at a crossroad facing many development challenges as it looks forward. Neighborhoods within the city have seen a decline in value, an increase in vacancy, and a sense of disinvestment by the residents. High vacancy rates, aggressive demolition programs for unsafe buildings, foreclosures, and sprawl development on the city edges have created urban core neighborhoods in need of stabilization. Fortunately, these are still neighborhoods with tremendous potential to be livable and sustainable communities.

Working collaboratively with other local nonprofits, foundations and the City of Muncie, ecoREHAB moves to create a sense of environmental stewardship, develop quality of place, and use passive “green” methods and sustainable building principles to rehabilitate houses that will spur neighborhood revitalization.

The core of ecoREHAB's work is producing turn-key rehabilitated homes with high quality construction and an emphasis on energy efficiency. Often times, the homes that are the subject of our work are homes deemed “too far gone” by most others. By focusing on these homes in desperate need of attention, we save buildings from demolition, capture their embodied energy while preserving the architectural integrity of a neighborhood.

23 People | 21 Impacts | 61 Hours | 1,646 Total Economic Impact

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