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ENGin is a nonprofit that connects young Ukrainians with English speaking volunteers for free, online 1-on-1 English language practice and cross-cultural exchange. 

ENGin complements humanitarian aid efforts by giving Ukrainians the skills they need to support themselves in the longer term. Over half of Ukrainians have lost their jobs due to the war; millions have been forced to flee the country. We help open doors to new job opportunities (including remote roles for those still in Ukraine), fill in gaps in education when schools are forced to close, and ease the resettlement process for refugees. As we empower each of our students to rebuild their life, we're also creating a generation of English-fluent, culturally competent Ukrainians ready to rebuild their nation.

This volunteer commitment is 1 hour per week for 10-12 weeks. Volunteers and students meet online and determine which day and time works best for the two of them. We provide training and support. 

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