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Trying to volunteer at Hope pass for the 2022 LT100 run. How can I do this?
Hello Kathy, I'm volunteering for this year's Silver Rush 50 and Trail 100 bike races with the hope that those volunteer hours will help me get into the 2023 Trail 100 race. It's pretty tough, if not impossible to get a spot through the lottery process, so volunteer hours can be king...the more, the better. So, if you have not yet gifted your hours to someone else, I would very much appreciate your gift to add to my hours. I don't know the process for the hour transfer, but would be happy to research it, if that would help. I also don't know if I would get a notification if you reply to this, so my email is sirwin911@gmail.com, if you would like to reply directly to me. Thanks for your consideration, Scott
I am interested in volunteer opportunities for the Leadville Race Series. I ran and completed the LT100 run last year. This year I am running the Leadville Marathon. I would like to volunteer for both Silver Rush 50 and LT100 run. I can volunteer in any capacity needed (aid station, pacer, etc). How do I sign up?
I would like to give my volunteer hours to someone. How do I do that?
Hi Kathy, It looks like maybe I replied to your post incorrectly. If so, please take a look at my response to you in a thread above. thanks, Scott — Scott iRWIN Scott iRWIN on March 2, 2022
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