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W 5:20-8:00 PM · Lori Slater

This course is designed to maintain positive classroom environments by acquainting students with concepts and techniques of behavioral intervention; practical application of principals of behavioral interventions; practical applications of behavior management techniques is emphasized. Students will ...
EducationEducation & Child Development1640.0028

W 5:20-8:00 PM · Lori Slater

The purpose of this course is to present effective techniques for eliciting appropriate social and academic behaviors in the classroom. Several models for behavioral intervention in both regular and special education classrooms are examined, with special emphasis on the management of behaviors which...
EducationEducation & Child Development1039.0011

Lisa Langley

An experiential learning course focused on the principles of leadership and incorporating the value of community service with a group service-learning project. Class topics will focus around team leadership with emphasis in the areas of life skills, financial planning, career planning, creating comm...
Professional Development3666.0024