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    Teddy Bear Child Care- TBLC Inc.
    In-person Independent Program

    Upon arrival, I was greeted and ask if I was there to volunteer. I said yes and was immediately given a tour of the store and the warehouse. However, I volunteered in the store and not the warehouse. The assistant manager’s boss gave her a list of tasks for me to complete. The first thing I did was wipe off the glass case (inside and out) with glass cleaner that various jewelry pieces were placed in. Next, I went around and dusted all windows and cleaned them with Windex. After that, I sanitized every cart and all door handles. My next task was to sort through and organize a ton of cards based on each holiday (there was about 100 cards) which took me the longest to do. Finally, I finished up but going around to each clothing rack putting loose hanging shirts and pants back on the hanger properly while collecting hangers that didn’t have any clothes on them and returning them to their proper area. Staff at the store thanked me for my hard work and even asked if I would be volunteering with them again.

    Gave 2.00 hours on 09/19/2020 with Ball State University
    In-person: SHFB in house/warehouse
    Victoria Shlyakhov

    Victoria @ YMCA of Muncie (Northwest location)

    Upon arriving at the facility I was greeted immediately by staff. I told staff members I was there to volunteer. I was given a tour of the facility including locker rooms, the childcare room, the wellness center, the basketball court, and the tennis court. Traffic of persons into the facility was pretty slow due to new requirements put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID such as, wearing a mask the whole duration of facility use, limiting how many guests can come at one time, and limiting the number of workout equipment available to use. I helped to prevent the spread of COVID by going around the facility and wiping down all surfaces that persons could possibly touch such as door knobs, tables, benches, basketballs, rackets, and workout equipment. I helped stock towels and put them in their proper place. I responded promptly to any of the guests needs. I stood at the front desk for a little while asking 2 questions to members who swiped in such as, are you experiencing COVID-like symptoms and have you been around anyone who tested positive?

    Gave 2.00 hours on 09/17/2020 with Ball State University
    Independent Program
    Lifestream Services
    Independent Program
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    Independent Program
    Coordinated Program- Tuesday